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Damage Level 3

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$8.00 /sq ft
One unit covers approximately 1000 sq ft of surface area.
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When deployed, the ENVYROGEL technology bridges concrete cracks and pores.


ENVYROGEL was developed to increase the deteriorated concrete’s resiliency to environmental conditions. When deployed, the ENVYROGEL technology bridges concrete cracks and pores. The enhanced concrete with a lower permeability has a reduction in the migration of corrosion materials.


ENVYROGEL is designed to be used in conjunction with DENSYGEL to repair the following Damage Level...

When excessive concrete cracking leads to significant salt leaching, rusting, and deterioration.

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ENVYROGEL is not a concentrate, so do not add any water.

Precautions must be taken to ensure that EDYSTON does not freeze, which can occur at 36° F.

EDYSTON has a shelf life of 5 years from the time of production when stored under controlled, laboratory conditions.

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The Root cause of concrete decay is in its molecular structure.

Our Solution: Hydrogels

How it works


Through a simple spray-on application, EDYSTON™ solution permeates and rejuvenates corroded concrete infrastructure. The solution access the damaged areas through any available pores, cracks, and voids.


The EDYSTON™ solution then interacts with the alkalis, sulfates, and other chemicals naturally present in the pore solution.


The interaction of these different chemicals creates a hydrogel that eventually forms C-S-H, the backbone of concrete strength.


The EDYSTON™ solution completes its transformation into C-S-H, bridging cracks and rejuvenating the porous concrete structure.

how to

Prep & Application

Prep & Application


Power Wash

Remove salt and weak concrete by power washing (3000–3500 psi). All contaminants must be removed for EDYSTON to contact the deteriorated concrete.



Allow washed surface to dry to a saturated surface-dry condition. (surface-dry needs hyphen)



Spray on DENSYGEL (125 sq ft per gallon max) and wait at least 10 minutes before applying additional applications. EDYSTON requires a minimum of 3 applications.